Theaters Closed and Opened Notes

Blasphemy 神への冒とく

Ethos 精神、価値観

Bawdy 下品


1. How many theaters were there in England when Shakespeare was born?

2. What happened to the theaters in 1642?

3. Which English Queen made England Catholic again?

4. How did the great English Renaissance dramatist Marlowe die?

5. What do some people believe happened to Marlowe?

6. What was Puritanism?

7. What did the Puritans believe?

8. Why did the Puritans want to close the theaters?

9. Why did Puritans go on the Mayflower to America?

10. How many Puritans went to America on the Mayflower?

11. Where were the Stuarts from?

12. Why didn’t the Puritans like Charles I?

13. What happened in England in 1642?

14. What were Parliament supporters called?

15. What happened to Charles I at the end of the Second Civil War?

16. Who became leader of England after the Civil War ended?

17. Why was Charles II restored?

18. When was Charles II restored?

19. Which other country was strongly influenced by the Puritans?

20. Which famous American novel deals with a Puritan community?

21. Who are the famous English Puritan writers?

22. What was Restoration Comedy like?

23. Who was the most famous celebrity actress of the Restoration period?

24. What was this actress’s relationship to Charles II?

25. Who was Aphra Behn?