Overview of semantics in Linguistics notes


1. Which fields outside Linguistics are influenced by Semantics?

2. What was Semantics originally about?

3. Can you give some examples of words that have changed over time?

4. Who wrote “The Meaning of Meaning”?

5. Why is Semantics important to the study of Linguistics?

6. Why is Semantics important to language learning and teaching?

7. What is Phonology?

8. How do phonemes influence meaning?

9. How does stress influence meaning?

10. How does tone influence meaning?

11. What is Morphology?

12. How does Morphology change the grammatical category of a word?

13. How does Morphology change the tense of a verb?

14. What is Syntax?

15. Can you give a simple example of how syntax influences meaning?

16. What is Pragmatics?

17. Imagine someone says, “It’s hot in here.” What may he/she be implying?

18. Imagine someone says, “The cockroach ate the rat.” What may he/she be implying?