French divorce notes


chivalry   騎士道(精神)

pay homage to   ~に敬意を表する

nobles, noblemen   貴族

archery   アーチェリー、弓術、射手隊、弓矢類

the Hundred Years’ War   百年戦争。空位となったフランス王の地位をめぐって、フランスのバロワ家とイギリスのプランタジネット家の間で、1337年~1453年にわたって行われた一連の戦争を指す。


1. Why were people a little worried that the English were very successful in the war against   France?

2. In Shakespeare’s play, what problem did Henry V have with Catherine de Valois?

3. Why was it a little ironic that Henry V could not speak to his wife in French?

4. What was the big cultural link between French and English noblemen?

5. Why were English kings becoming unhappy with the relationship with France?

6. What did Edward III do to start the Hundred Years’ War?

7. What kind of events caused breaks in the Hundred Years’ War?

8. What had the Peasants’ Revolt taught the noblemen of England?

9. What was the law at this time regarding sports?

10. When Henry V died, in 1422, which side looked most likely to win the Hundred Years’ War?

11. What lessons were the French slow to learn compared to the English?

12. What saved the French?