American English Notes


1. Who were the first settlers in America?

2. Which book was most important to the first settlers in America?

3. How long had Native Americans been in America when the new settlers arrived?

4. What was life like for the new settlers?

5. How did the new settlers feel about English language and culture?

6. What was the amazing coincidence that happened to the new settlers?

7. What early words were borrowed into English from the Native Americans?

8. What kind of names did the settlers give their settlements?

9. What was the New England Primer?

10. What kind of content was contained in the New England Primer?

11. What was different about the English-speaking settlers compared to the French, Spanish, and Dutch?

12. Give an example of a pronunciation change that occurred in American English?

13. Why did accents change?

14. Which book on spelling was very important in America?

15. How did spelling change?

16. Why did Americans think they spoke better English than the British?

17. What old words (that disappeared in British English) survived in American English?

18. How did the Louisiana Purchase change American English?

19. What words entered American English after the Louisiana Purchase?

20. What new variety of English did Mark Twain use in his books?