First Semester Test

英語学概論 IA

Section One:

 Write down simple PHONOLOGICAL, SYNTACTIC, and SEMANTIC information for the following English words:

 1. straight  2. throb  3. shrapnel  4. assiduously  5. serendipity 

6. mellifluous  7. eternally  8. demagogue  9. establishment  

10. referential  11. technicality  12. deliciously  13. frightening 

14. ineffable  15. nefarious  16. somnambulist  17. epoch  18. epiphany  

19. incandescence  20. denouement  21. those  22. many  23. every 

24. she  25. him


Keep it simple. Choose British or American English (or any other variety. It’s up to you).

For example:

1. straight   PHON: /streɪt/  SYN: adj   SEM: not bent


Section Two

Draw and label double-branching phrase structure diagrams to illustrate the composition of the following words and expressions:


1.    folded  2. the book  3. stupid person  4. 彼を  5. automatically failed

6. saw her  7. the funny man poked the professor in the eye  

8. endlessly repeated the same action  9. 食べた  10. his eloquence  

11. gave her  12. tall girl  13. always have exactly the same problem  

14. I don’t like her condescending attitude  

15. keeps making the same mistake  16. a fluent speaker of Chinese  

17. we lost  18. hit the ball out of the stadium  19. ファイルを添付します 20. 見ます 

21. defenestrated the professor  

22. we woke up in the middle of the night to watch the match  

23. Slight problem  24. The strangest thing happened  25. Watching

For example

  1. folded

Lets make up another example:

The student walked confidently up to the professor.

In the last two diagrams, we have a VP with a subject. That, of course, is a sentence! You can label it VP or Sentence. It’s up to you. It doesn’t really matter how you do it. Just make sure your diagrams are double-branching, and clearly labelled. If they make sense to you, that’s probably good enough. The important thing is to think about it seriously.