Pragmatics I Notes


1. Why is it not enough to simply understand words and grammar?

2. Do you think it is true that Japanese people often do not speak directly?

3. Do you think people from other countries are also sometimes indirect?

4. Do you think people from other countries are sometimes more indirect than Japanese people?

5. What kind of person in what kind of situation could use words to name a ship?

6. What kind of utterances act as warnings?

7. What kind of utterances as as orders?

8. What kind of theory was developed by J. L. Austin?

9. What is a locutionary act?

10. What is an illocutionary act?

11. What is a perlocutionary act?

12. What would a Predicate Logic formula for the sentence “Don’t do that!” look like?

13. Give an example of an explicit illocutionary act.

14. Give an example of an implicit illocutionary act.

15. Give an example of a perlocutionary act.

16. How can a perlocutionary act sometimes be unintended?

17. Give examples of felicity conditions.

18. If I say to you “You spoke Japanese so I sentence you to 3 years in prison,” which felicity conditions are NOT satisfied?