English in Ireland notes


dominant language   優勢な言語

prestige   威信


1. Do you think Irish writers in English are important because the country suffered so badly at the hands of English speakers?

2. How does the suffering of the Scottish and Welsh compare with the suffering of the Irish?

3. What does Wales and Okinawa have in common?

4. Who first introduced English to Ireland?

5. What did Henry VIII do in 1541?

6. What did Henry VIII fail to do in Ireland?

7. What was the British policy of getting control in Ireland during the sixteenth and seventeenth century?

8. How were Catholic Irish and English-speaking Protestants treated differently?

9. What often happened to Irish political prisoners?

10. What were the English-speaking Protestant rulers of Ireland like?

11. What happened to the population of Ireland in the nineteenth century?

12. Where is the famine memorial?

13. When did the Irish become independent from the United Kingdom?

14. Which part of Ireland did not become independent from the United Kingdom? Why?