The development of modern English notes


1. Which two artists are contenders as the true Renaissance Man?

2. What other talents did Leonardo da Vinci have in addition to being an artist?

3. What other talents did Michelangelo have in addition to being an artist?

4. What kind of things did Leonardo paint?

5. When did the Renaissance begin in Italy?

6. What were the goals of the Renaissance?

7. About when did the Renaissance begin in England?

8. What was the strongest element of English culture?

9. Who started the Reformation in England?

10. What did English Protestants think of religious images?

11. What did English Protestants do to religious images?

12. How long did English Protestants keep up this activity?

13. What is the connection between the English Protestants and the Taliban in Afghanistan?

14. What happened to the visual arts in England at this time?

15. Who was the most important English Renaissance visual artist?

16. Where was this artist from?

17. Who was the global superpower at the time of Shakespeare?

18. What languages were becoming global languages at the time?