Winners and Losers Notes


1. What happened at the Battle of Waterloo?

2. What kind of revolution was happening anyway?

3. How did the meaning of engine change over time?

4. What had station meant originally?

5. Where was James Watt from?

6. What was James Watt’s big contribution?

7. Why was Britain able to take advantage of the improvements in machinery?

8. What was Britain able to do more efficiently than any other country?

9. What new words emerged that were connected with Watt’s innovations?

10. What animal-related words emerged during the Industrial Revolution?

11. What new words for fields of study emerged?

12. What happened to many poor people living in the countryside?

13. Where did the word slum come from?

14. What new word was used to refer to social status or rank?

15. Why was speaking properly even more important for the middle classes?

16. How was middle class and working class pronunciation different?

17. What did people think about the different classes?

18. What was George Bernard Shaw trying to say in Pygmalion?