Wales survives notes


scratch the surface   表面を引っかく、上っ面をなでる

Act of Uniformity   統一法

chapel   〔プロテスタントの〕教会。英国国教会とカトリック以外のプロテスタントの教会を指す


1. Do the English and Welsh always seem to like each other?

2. What do the English and Welsh enjoy doing in each other’s company?

3. What is under the surface of English culture?

4. What was the Act of Uniformity?

5. What percentage of Welsh people speak Welsh today?

6. Why did the Welsh identity and language survive?

7. What happened as a result of Elizabeth I’s law of 1563?

8. Why did Elizabeth I probably want the Welsh to forget their culture and language?

9. Why was the translation of the Bible into Welsh unusual?

10. What experience did the Welsh have that the Scots, Irish, and Cornish did not?