Modern English notes


The Reformation   宗教改革(とは、16世紀(中世末期)のキリスト教世界における教会体制上の革新運動である

Roman Catholic Church   ローマカトリック教会

Leviticus   《旧約聖書》レビ記

Anne Boleyn   アン・ブリン。1507~1536年。英国王ヘンリー8世の2番目の妻で女王エリザベス一世の母

The Church of England   《キリスト教》英国国教会。ヘンリー8世(在位1509~1547)が自らの離婚を法王に反対されたことをきっかけとして、ローマ・カトリックから独立して国教としたもの。プロテスタントとカトリックの中間の立場を取るとされる


1. Which is the most famous English royal family?

2. Who is the most famous king?

3. How many wives did he have?

4. Why was Henry VIII not happy with Catherine of Aragon?

5. Who was Catherine of Aragon’s first husband?

6. What did the Bible say about marrying your brother’s wife?

7. Who did Henry VIII want to marry?

8. What were the results of Henry’s divorce and second marriage?

9. What was the Reformation?

10. Why was the Reformation and language closely related?

11. Which countries used the printing press before the English?

12. What are the first words in the Bible?

13. What happened to English churches during the Reformation in England?

14. The father of which famous person was employed painting the walls of churches?

15. Why did Henry VIII want a middle way for religion in England?