The French connection notes


Edward the Confessor   エドワード懺悔王[証聖王]。1042年即位、1066年に亡くなるまでイギリスの国王。1065年にウェストミンスター寺院を建立し、1161年に列聖された。

Battle of Hastings   ヘースティングズの戦い。ノルマン王朝1066年

usurper   〔権力・地位の〕強奪者

peeping Tom   〔性的好奇心から〕のぞき見する男


1. In what ways were the Anglo-Saxons weak before 1066?

2. What problems resulted from the reign of Edward the Confessor?

3. What information did Edward the Confessor fail to give clearly?

4. Who was the next king of England after Edward the Confessor?

5. What did William of Normandy say about Harold Godwinson?

6. What did William of Normandy do next?

7. What did Harold’s brother do?

8. What did Harold Godwinson have to do before fighting William of Normandy?

9. What was the name of the battle before the Battle of Hastings?

10. Who won the Battle of Hastings?

11. What was the name of the famous Anglo-Saxon rebel who fought the Normans after the Battle of Hastings?

12. What happened to the English language after the Battle of Hastings?

13. Where can we see the influence of the French language on English society today?

14. What was the Domesday Book?

15. What was the purpose of the Domesday Book?

16. What famous person’s name (connected with chocolate!) was in the Domesday Book?

17. What is the legend connected with this famous person?