Welsh against Welsh notes


Star Chamber   星室庁、専断不公平で秘密に処理を行う裁判所や組織。英ウェストミンスター宮内の室で天井に星の装飾が施されたことからその名前がつけられた。1487年に設立された。

centralize power   政治力の中央集権化

official language   公用語


1. Who was the new king after 1485?

2. What was the new dynasty?

3. Which Celtic nation was the new dynasty closely connected with?

4. Why did the new king feel that he had to strengthen his position?

5. Why did Henry VII have to be careful about money?

6. What was the Star Chamber?

7. Why was it called the Star Chamber?

8. Why were Henry VII’s policies a problem for the Welsh language?

9. What was the disaster for the Welsh language that happened in 1536?

10. Who was Henry VIII’s first wife?