No language of thought

Another possibility is that there is no language of thought (LOT) at all. Maybe we just use our ordinary languages to think; if we don’t have language, we can’t think very well.

Maybe early humans didn’t really have a language of thought. They probably couldn’t think as well as we can because they lacked this tool.

So maybe early humans were just a bit cleverer than other animals. They made noises to try to communicate — just like other animals do — and slowly developed a sophisticated language ability. They also started using their language to think and this helped them to develop mentally.

Perhaps we became cleverer because we used tools, like language.

By this view, language is just one of the tools that humans used in order to develop advanced mental capacities.

Humans are clever because our use of tools made it easier to think at a higher and higher level. Language is a very important tool — but still just one of many tools.