Scots notes


demise   死亡、死去、逝去、崩御

distinctive   独特の、特色を示す

Stuart dynasty   スチュアート朝の(支配下にある)イギリス

King James (authorized version of the) Bible   欽定訳聖書


1. Do you think Scotland should be independent?

2. What is happening to Scots Gaelic in Scotland?

3. Was Scotland part of England under the Tudors?

4. What language was spoken in the south of Scotland in 1400?

5. Why did people in the south of England want to speak English?

6. What is Scots?

7. What language was spoken on islands in the far north of Scotland in 1400?

8. During the Reformation, what was the big difference between Wales and Scotland as far as worship in church was concerned?

9. What famous poem or song is in Scots English?

10. Which king of Scotland was first to become king of England?

11. What was this king’s mother’s name?

12. How were the Tudors and Stuarts related?

13. Why did Elizabeth I lock Mary Queen of Scots up?

14. Why did James I move his court to London?

15. What did James I think of Scots Gaelic?

16. What did James I think of Scots English?

17. What is symbolic of James I’s attempt to use English to control things?

18. What did many powerful Scottish people say about Scots Gaelic?

19. What did the British government do to destroy Scots Gaelic and traditions?

20. What does Nova Scotia mean?