The end of Cornish notes


Cornwall   コーンウォール州(県)、英国。イングランド島最南西の半島の西半分

Edward VI   エドワード六世・王。英国Tudor家。Henry VIIIの息子


1. Did the ancient language of Cornwall (Cornish) survive?

2. When did Cornish start to experience serious problems?

3. How was Edward VI different from his father regarding the Reformation?

4. Who was Edward VI’s mother?

5. How old was Edward VI when he died?

6. What law did Edward VI introduce that was very important for the English language?

7. Why were the people of Cornwall not happy about this new law?

8. What did the people of Cornwall do?

9. What happened to the people of Cornwall?

10. How many people say they can speak Cornish today?