The new language notes


Anglo-Saxons   古代の〕アングロ・サクソン人。5世紀以降ドイツ西部からイギリスに移住してノルマン征服(the Norman Conquest)までイギリスを支配した、ゲルマン民族の総称。Angles, Saxons, Jutesの3部族から成る。


1. What did the Romans do when the different tribes started to attack?

2. How long had the Romans protected Britain?

3. Which areas did the Anglo-Saxons come from?

4. Why did the Anglo-Saxons originally come to Britain?

5. Did the Anglo-Saxons and Celtic British fight?

6. How did the Anglo-Saxons’ religion change?

7. Which people invaded Britain next? Where did they come from?

8. Which people controlled England by the end of the ninth century?

9. Why was Alfred the Great stressed (in the story told to children)?

10. In the story, what mistake did Alfred the Great make?

11. What promise did the Vikings make after the Battle of Edlington?

12. In what way did the Vikings “create” the idea of England?

13. Who was the first Viking king of all England?

14. Why do people think King Cnut was good?

15. What did King Cnut do in the story told to children?

16. Who was the first Anglo-Saxon king after Viking rule?

17. What happened in 1066?

18. Where did the Normans come from?

19. What kind of language was most important in England after 1066?

20. What can you see on the Bayeaux Tapestry?