Word Semantics Notes


1. What did Plato think words were?

2. What kind of words suggest there is a direct relation between words and real-world things?

3. Think of an example to show there is not a reliable relation between words and real-world things?

4. In modern Semantics, how do we think words and real-world things are related?

5. If meaning is made up from atomic elements, what elements might be in the word “idea”?

6. Where does the idea of Semantic Networks come from?

7. Which bird is closest to being the prototype bird?

8. Which bird is furthest from being the prototype bird?

9. What is the difference between Lexical Semantics and Referential Semantics?

10. Think of examples of Synonymy.

11. Think of examples of Antonymy.

12. Think of examples of Hyponymy.

13. Think of examples of Meronymy.