Idealism and Reality Notes


1. What was John Locke’s crazy idea about language?

2. What is rational idealism?

3. What was the title of the essay in which John Locke presented his crazy argument?

4. What did the Enlightenment philosophers think of language?

5. What was the name of the organization founded in 1660 in order to promote science?

6. What did they call science then?

7. What was the society’s goal regarding language?

8. What language was Newton’s Principia Mathematica written in?

9. What was the title of Newton’s important paper that was published in English?

10. When was Newton’s paper published?

11. When did the word lens appear for the first time?

12. Which words did Newton invent?

13. Newton changed the meaning of some words. Which ones?

14. Why were newspapers becoming more common at this time?

15. What kind of people went to coffee houses to read newspapers?

16. Why did people want to read all the newspapers?

17. What was Jonathan Swift worried about?

18. In which countries had there been language Academies?

19. What did people think of the Academies?

20. Why was George I not very helpful to Swift?