Cultural identity notes


remain essentially intact   本質的には変わらないままである


1. What are the four basic cultural identities in the British Isles?

2. Did the Romans settle in Ireland?

3. Which is the most successful of the ancient Celtic languages?

4. What were the three main tribes who settled in England from the fifth century AD?

5. Where did the Vikings come from?

6. Which people invaded present-day Scotland?

7. What changes had happened to the Scottish tribes by the beginning of the tenth century?

8. What is the name of the Viking festival held in Shetland, Scotland?

9. When were the Anglo-Saxons at their strongest?

10. Who was Athelstan?

11. In 937 AD, there was a great battle. On one side were the Celts and Vikings. On the other were Anglo-Saxons? What was the name of the battle?

12. How big were the armies in this battle?

13. What was the result of the battle?