Celtic languages today notes


heritage   〔受け継がれる文化・歴史的〕遺産、伝統

official language   公用語

monolingual   一言語だけ話す


1. What is the population of Wales?

2. How many people speak Welsh?

3. Are there many monolingual Welsh speakers?

4. What is the symbol of Wales?

5. Why do people think the Welsh language is in a healthy state?

6. What are people worried about in connection with the Welsh language?

7. What percentage of the population of Wales could speak Welsh in 1921?

8. What makes it quite easy to learn Welsh today?

9. How many Japanese people are living in Wales today?

10. In which other countries can you find speakers of Irish Gaelic?

11. How did people in Scotland start speaking Gaelic?

12. In what part of Scotland do you find most Gaelic speakers? Why is that?

13. In what part of Canada can you find quite a lot of Scots Gaelic speakers?

14. How has Scots Gaelic become quite popular recently?

15. What Scots Gaelic word do many people know?