Early language notes


British Isles   イギリス諸島

influential   影響力の大きい

patchwork   寄せ集め

Hadrian’s wall   ハドリアヌスの長城

sewage   下水、汚水



1. What is the difference between the British Isles and the United Kingdom?

2. Why isn’t the Republic of Ireland in the United Kingdom?

3. How many islands are there in the British Isles? (trick question)

4. Which country is really the home of the English language?

5. What are the three main languages spoken in the British Isles today?

6. When were the Celts at their strongest in Europe?

7. What is surprising about many signposts in the British Isles?

8. When did the Romans colonize Britain?

9. What are the two main groups of Celtic languages? Where are they spoken?

10. What marked the northern limit of the Roman Empire in Britain?

11. What happened to the Pictish language?

12. What benefits did the Romans bring to Britain?

13. When did the Romans start leaving Britain?

14. Where were the Romano-British Celts being attacked from?