Good against evil notes


throne   王位

usurper   〔権力・地位の〕強奪者

domoralize   (人)の自信をなくさせる

Joan of Arc   ジャンヌ・ダルク

supernatural being   超自然的存在

Tudor dynasty   チューダー朝


1. Why was the Hundred Years’ War popular in England?

2. Why was Richard II unpopular in England?

3. Who was Richard II’s grandfather?

4. How had peace benefited England culturally?

5. Why is Gloucester Cathedral familiar to modern young people?

6. Who took the throne from Richard II?

7. How did Richard II die?

8. Why did Henry V feel that he had something to prove?

9. How did Henry V become very popular?

10. English people thought God was telling them something. What?

11. What was “chevauchee”? What was its purpose?

12. What new technology was helping the English?

13. What happened to Joan of Arc when she was about twelve years old?

14. What did Joan of Arc say to France’s king, Charles VII?

15. Where was Joan’s great victory in 1429?

16. What did the English do with Joan after they captured her?

17. Why was the English treatment of Joan a mistake?

18. What eventually happened in the Hundred Years’ War?