Message to English-speaking non-Japanese students, researchers, and educators

Undergraduate transformation

Tsuru University is in the process of a transformation in its orientation to the outside world. A growing number of new partnerships with overseas universities will see many more non-Japanese undergraduates coming to Tsuru and many Tsuru University students going overseas.

Best choice for graduate students

Possession of a top-quality masters degree makes or breaks career opportunities in Japan, particularly but not exclusively in education. In addition to undergraduate exchange programs, we would also like to see Tsuru develop as a first and best choice for overseas graduates, researchers, educators, and professionals who hope to forge exciting careers in this country.

Low costs, high standards

The fees and accommodation costs at this charming public university, located in the beautiful countryside in the foothills of Mount Fuji, are already among the cheapest in Japan.  In addition to this, fee reductions and scholarships are available to eligible students. There are also likely to be opportunities for English-speaking students to help with tutorials and other educational activities as a way of generating income while gaining a top-quality qualification.

Graduate school opportunities for English speaker non-Japanese students

The Department of English already offers the opportunity for non-Japanese students to gain a Masters degree that will serve as the basis for an exciting career working in Japan or elsewhere.

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